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LoanerTrak 2 - The successor to the current LoanerTrak 1 product proven to be a highly effective tool in efficiently managing loaner assets, cutting operating costs, and maximizing the safety of all individuals in the supply chain.

LoanerTrak 2 has been completely rewritten from the ground up, utilizing Select Query Language (SQL) to maximize speed, functionality and stability. Built on the methodology of the most effective components of its predecessor, LoanerTrak 2 is a powerful application that is even easier to use.

LoanerTrak 2 is fully scalable and can run from a single PC managing a single loaner department, or it can run on remote servers accessed by users in multiple loaner departments around the world.

Some of the main features of LoanerTrak include:

  • An advanced booking and scheduling screen
  • Detailed transaction logging to the set/item/lot level
  • Set cycle counter keeps track of how many times each set has been loaned
  • Dashboard displays orders to be shipped, received, users logged in, user activity - all in one screen
  • Sets can be auto-booked using FIFO to spread usage evenly
  • Internal handling and processing procedures can be assigned by set, such as Automatically putting sets on hold
  • Holidays can be set up to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Reports can be sent to an Excel spreadsheet rather than printing
  • Auto-export of billing items to csv file for external accounting system
  • Plus many more features

View a comparison chart between a client-server and browser-based loaner application and how LoanerTrak2 plus the new LoanerTrak WEB module, Infoweb, provides the best features of both systems. Click HERE.